Substrate screening and analysis

To determine the applicability of a substrate we also offer the possibility to perform a screening under defined laboratory conditions. A sample of the substrate will be analyzed with respect to its material composition, followed by a treatment in laboratory under the conditions of a specific microbial biocenosis. During the experiments, samples of the digestates, the liquid phase and the gas will be analyzed regarding their specific composition at regular intervals.

Especially the qualitative and quantitative parameters of the composition of gas, fatty acids, digestates and other decomposition products formed during the fermentation will be measured.

A subsequent evaluation of the generated data allows an assessment of the general suitability of a substrate for biogas production using this new technology.

Scientific studies concerning analysis and process optimization will be carried out in collaboration by our scientific partners. RuSiTec cooperates with excellent research institutions and accredited and certified test laboratories.

This allows a more in-depth chemical and microbial analysis. In addition an operational accompanying analysis on process stability of biogas plants will be provided.