The most natural and effective way to produce biomethane

Founded in 2013 in Bremerhaven, the object of RuSiTec GmbH is the production and distribution of a new and innovative conception of biogas plants based on the so called “RuminoTec”-process developed by ARES Technology a few years ago. Due to a completely new and innovative bioreactor design, a specific substrate-adapted process control and the use of substrate-specific microbial communities, these biogas plants are able to convert cellulose and other difficultly degradable plant components into biogas. So it is possible to convert numerous atypical and unusual substrates with high biomass potentials into a high-quality biogas. This allows the direct use of cellulose as the world's most frequently renewable resource. An access to the fruit-parts of the plants is not longer required. This finally eliminates the current competition on fertile soils. Each plant can be used simultaneously for food, feed and energy purposes.

Download: Technological Description